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Just enter game results - everything else is automatic!


Hint: There is also information and an excel schedule for the hint arrow Women's EURO 2025.


Here is an interactive Excel schedule with automatic updating of the group tables, automatic assignment of teams in the knockout round, multilingual, choice of time zone, consideration of all FIFA rules including fair play and drawing of lots, highlighting the games of the current day, also an overview of all direct comparisons with the corresponding tables in the case of three teams.

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Schedule (Last updated: March 15, 2024)   hinweispfeil Preview Download .xlsx
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Match schedule as a PDF
This World Cup schedule is also available as a PDF file. All kick-off times in CEST (UTC+2).
hint arrow WCup_2023_1.4_en.pdf    (Last updated: 2023-02-23)

For comparison, the match schedule published by FIFA:
Official match schedule of FIFA as PDF

There is a detailed tutorial for the match schedule as a PDF file with precise instructions how this match schedule can be produced, also with an explanation of all Excel formulas contained therein and for each chapter an Excel file that corresponds to the development status after this chapter.
hinweispfeil WCup_Tutorial_1.2_en.pdf    (Last updated: 2023-06-01)

This tutorial was originally tailored for the Men's World Cup match mode valid up to and including 2022. Since the Women's World Cup is now also played with eight groups of four, it now fits exactly with the match format of the Women's World Cup.

For the tutorial there are ten Excel files that represent the current status of the project after each of the ten chapters. So you can start at any point or skip chapters.
In any case, everything is explained as clearly as possible.
hinweispfeil Download the Excel files that accompany the tutorial    (Last updated: 2023-03-03)

* * *

Tournament from 07/20/2023 to 08/20/2023

The World Cup started on July 20, 2023 with matches of the two hosts New Zealand and Australia:

New Zealand - Norway
Kick-off at 9:00 a.m. Central European Summer Time or 7:00 p.m. local time (Opening match and opening ceremony).
Venue was Auckland in New Zealand.

Australia - Ireland
Kick-off at 12:00 p.m. Central European Summer Time or 8:00 p.m. local time.
Venue was Sydney, Australia.

FIFA reports all kick-off times in local time. It is important to note that the nine venues are in four different time zones. Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Hamilton are in the UTC+12 time zone, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in the UTC+10 time zone, Adelaide in the UTC+9.5 time zone and Perth in the UTC+8 time zone. In the southern hemisphere it is winter time at the time of the tournament. That's why there is no summer time to consider.

The tournament ends on August 20, 2023 with the final in Sydney, kick-off at 12:00 p.m. Central European Summer Time or 20:00 p.m. local time.

This is the first time that 32 teams will take part in the FIFA Women's World Cup. The women's world championship started in 1991 with 12 teams, from 1999 (in the USA) there were 16 teams, in 2015 (in Canada) it was increased to 24 teams and now from 2023 the women's world championship with 32 teams has the same format as men's world championship by 2022 in Qatar.

Taking a closer look at the schedule, it is noticeable that two teams from the same group cannot both reach the final. They inevitably meet in the semi-finals, so the final will in any case be between two teams that have not played each other before.

The first participant in the final will be a team from the groups A, C, E, G.
The second participant in the final will be a team from the groups B, D, F, H.

* * *

New World Champion

The winners

Spain defeated England 1-0 in the final. The new World Champion is called Spain.
Third place is taken by Sweden with a 2-0 victory over Australia.

hinweispfeil More information from FIFA

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Betting match results

If you're having fun betting on match results with family or friends and turning it into a little competition, you can show the hidden worksheets
'Predictions_Ranking_1' and

Further information is available here: Betting match results.

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The draw for the groups took place on October 22, 2022. The following groups were drawn:

Group A
New Zealand

Group B

Group C
Costa Rica

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G
South Africa

Group H
South Korea

* * *


The last three participants will be determined in the International Playoffs from February 18th - 23rd, 2023. They are the winners of the three playoff groups A, B and C.

The following teams take part in the International Playoffs:
Group A:  Portugal, Cameroon, Thailand
Group B:  Chile, Haiti, Senegal
Group C:  Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Panama

As a political compromise with China, FIFA officially refers to the state of Taiwan as "Chinese Taipei".

Group A:
The winner of the game Cameroon - Thailand (02/18/2023) plays in the final against Portugal (02/22/2023).

Group B:
The winner of the game Senegal - Haiti (02/18/2023) plays in the final against Chile (02/22/2023).

Group C:
The winner of the match Taiwan - Paraguay (02/19/2023) plays in the final against the winner of the match Papua New Guinea - Panama (02/19/2023). The final will take place on February 23, 2023.

In addition, some friendly matches take place - see also  hinweispfeil FIFA playoff schedule.

Portugal, Haiti and Panama qualified for the tournament.

More information on the UEFA qualifying phase:  hinweispfeil UEFA qualification

* * *

List of previous World Champions

YearWorld Champion

* * *

FIFA Women's World Ranking

The FIFA women's world rankings have been in existence since July 2003. Like the men's world rankings, it is based on the so-called ELO rating. However, the calculation differs significantly from that of the men. For example, in the case of women, the match result is taken into account and not just victory or defeat. The home advantage is also included in the calculation.

The USA and Germany alternated leading the rankings. The USA led the rankings about three quarters of the time. In 2005 Germany achieved the highest ELO value (of 2234) ever achieved by a team.

hinweispfeil Official world rankings published by FIFA

If you are interested in how the rating numbers in the FIFA women's world rankings are calculated, you will find a detailed explanation with calculation example, online calculator and Excel file for download here:
hinweispfeil Calculation of rating numbers in the FIFA Women's World Ranking

* * *

Calculate your own rankings with Excel

hinweispfeil Download Excel file (Calculate_Rankings_Women_1.0_en.xlsm)
Last modified: 2023-04-13
The file contains VBA code and therefore only runs under Microsoft Excel.

With this Excel file you can calculate your own rankings, analogous to the FIFA world rankings. Just like with FIFA, you enter all match results for a certain period of time. After clicking on a button, Excel then calculates the new ranking list with the current rating numbers.

For example, a regional football association can have its own regional ranking list similar to the FIFA world ranking list and update it at certain intervals.

FIFA uses values from 15 (friendly match) to 60 (World Cup match) for the weighting.

As an example, the Excel file contains the FIFA rating numbers of the top 70 teams in the world rankings as of 2023-03-24 as starting values. Some matches from April 2023 are entered on the second sheet and the newly calculated rating numbers are listed. So you can see how the FIFA rating numbers have changed as a result of these friendlies.

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